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CFUG Meeting - Stammtisch - am Montag, 02.06.2014 in Berlin

Unser nächster Stammtisch findet wieder in Berlin statt.

Ich freue mich KAI KÖNIG sowie FRANK LEUE für einen Vortrag gewonnen zu haben.

Frank Leue wird den zum letzten Stammtisch ausgefallen Talk nachholen (Danke!).
Danke auch an Kai, das er sich die Zeit nimmt, trotz cfobjective und sotr bei uns vorbeizuschauen.

Introduction into JVM-Tuning

Both Adobe ColdFusion and Railo are Java-based web development platforms. In layman's terms that means: Your CFML engine runs on top of a JEE application server or a servlet container and the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). The latter is pretty much the low-level runtime environment of your CFML application. To make sure your CFML engine operates in a well performing and stable way, you need to have some knowledge about Java memory management and how that can impact the behaviour of your CFML server.

The objective of this talk is to change developers' mindsets when it comes to the JVM below ACF and Railo. There's an myth that JVM behaviour and JVM tuning is a "dark art" and that has to stop. It will also equip you with a level of fundamental knowledge that you can use to push back when someone tries to tell you to "just use my JVM settings" or to "use the settings this guy had on his blog”

  • Foundations of Java memory management and the important bits for CFML developer
  • Java Garbage Collection and various memory cleanup strategies
  • How load generation, load testing and measuring the right data plays into JVM tuning
  • JVM tuning specifics for CFML developers
  • The JVM and the Garbage Collectors in Java 7 and beyond

Kai würde alternativ auch zu jQuery Mobile sprechen.

Building shapeshifting interfaces

While working on the web for nearly two decades it's hard to disregard the repetition of promises which are made with the advent of new technologies. As web technologies mature they offer new possibilities to build for the web. Using newly discovered possibilities and stretching them a bit can turn promises as old as the web itself into reality.

  • The "Write Once Run Everywhere" promise
  • Is responsive enough?
  • What responsive is not
  • Thinking beyond responsive
  • and more

Neben ein paar Gimmicks (Shirts, Stifte etc.) wird auch wieder ein 1 Jahresabo der Creative Cloud verlost.

Zeit: 19:30 - 22:30 Uhr

Coworking Space - co.up
Berlin Kreuzberg
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