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CFUG Meeting am 29.04.2013 in München

Unser nächstes CFUG Event findet nun am 29.04.2013 bei Adobe in München statt.

Momentan schaut die Planung so aus (die Reihenfolge der Sessions ist noch nicht fix):

  • 9:30 - 10:00 Uhr: Registrierung+Kaffee
  • 10 Uhr: OpenLayers - Björn Höfling
  • 11 Uhr: Enterprise ColdFusion - Technical and Business metric monitoring & analysis - David Stockton (Intergral) *
  • 12 Uhr: Mittag
  • 13 Uhr: Coldfusion in der Amazon Cloud - Sven Ramuschkat
  • 14 Uhr: Firebug - Sebastian Zartner
  • 15 Uhr: Claude Englebert - Umstieg auf CF10, ev. Vorabinfo Scotch Roadmap
  • 15:30 Uhr: Kaffe
  • 16:00 Diskussion regelmäßige kleinere lokale Usergroup Meetups
  • 16:30 Uhr: kurze Info zu Rezensionen O'Reilly Verlag und Verlosung Bücher
    Softwareverlosung (Adobe)
  • 17:00 Abschluß / Open Diskussion - Come together

Eventuell können wir am Abend zuvor auch ein kleines "come together" abhalten.

Link zur Registrierung (Eventbrite):

* Enterprise ColdFusion - Technical and Business metric monitoring & analysis As a platform known for nurturing rapid development, ColdFusion often spreads through an organization. As any technology spreads, it's important to keep up best practices like monitoring and continuous server analysis. FusionReactor and FusionAnalytics are two third-party tools from Enterprise vendor Intergral which can assist in the full circle of gathering knowledge and deploying that back into the development cycle. The forthcoming FusionReactor v5 offers real user experience monitoring with full-stack DB, page generation, network transfer and browser rendering metrics. Unlike many contemporary monitoring solutions, it sits within the JVM for deep metric gathering and with unique features like Crash Protection and recovery, can often prevent a server's failure before it's too late. Whilst FusionReactor takes care of the "right now", FusionAnalytics simplifies deep-dive root-cause analysis, long-term trending and SLA reporting at the click of a button. With the release of FusionReactor v5, organizations will also be able to monitor business data through transaction metrics. Enterprises serious about their platform will use the tools to empower their DevOps teams with a combination of technical and business metric information. This session will run through some of the benefits a ColdFusion platform monitored by FusionReactor and analyzed with FusionAnalytics can offer the enterprise marketplace.