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Debugging Session mit Charlie Arehart

Am 2.11.06 haben wir Charlie Arehart zu Gast, der uns zeigen wird, wie man effektiv ColdFusion Anwendungen Debuggen kann. Hierzu wird er das Tool FusionReactor vorstellen.
Am folgenden Tag (3.11.06) wird eine ausführliche Schulung für dieses Werkzeug stattfinden.
Das CFUG-Meeting findet ab 18:30 Uhr in München in den Räumen der Firma Web-Shuttle ( statt, die uns entsprechende Räumlichkeiten zur Verfügung stellen. An dieser Stelle herzlichen Dank dafür. Wir bitte um eine kurze Anmeldung an Wir hoffen auf reges Interesse.

Hier die Agenda:

Session 1
Debugging ColdFusion Applications, Including Calls from Flex, Ajax, and Flash Remoting, With FusionDebug - Charlie Arehart

When calling ColdFusion applications (CFCs and CFMs) from client-side tools like Flex, Ajax, and Flash Remoting (as well as web services), it can be challenging trying to debug problems. These client apps expect data of a certain type, so adding a CFDUMP or random CFOUTPUT won't help you. Indeed, there are tags in CFML that will even prevent any output being generated at all. In such instances, an interactive step debugger would be just the solution, and finally we have one - FusionDebug from Intergral.

In this overview, veteran CFML developer Charlie Arehart will introduce the tool and demonstrate how easy it is to use, including debugging CFML code called from client-side applications. He'll also point out its advantages over traditional debugging techniques as well as show tips and traps in using the tool. One lucky member of the audience will also leave with a free FusionDebug license (value $299).

Session 2
FusionReactor - Managing and Monitoring Your ColdFusion Server - Charlie Arehart
Most ColdFusion servers are run with very little concern for monitoring or proactive management. FusionReactor, from Intergral, helps increase ColdFusion application availability and reduce response times by examining applications, servers and databases and identifying performance problems before they impact critical business processes. Users are immediately alerted to issues such as low memory, slow running requests, slow SQL queries etc

Charlie Arehart will introduce the tool and demonstrate the problems it solves. Even non-technical users will gain value by learning of the tool's pro-active monitoring and server self-healing strategies

Session 3
BlueDragon: Deploying and Integrating CFML with .NET and J2EE + Next-generation CFML

Do you love the productivity you get from coding in CFML but wish you could deploy your CFML applications on a .NET or J2EE platform and leverage its reliability, scalability, and performance? Would you like to integrate your CFML applications with your .NET and/or J2EE applications?

Enter BlueDragon! The BlueDragon family of CFML application servers from New Atlanta provide a wide range of deployment and integration options for your CFML web apps. In this highly technical presentation Charlie Arehart will introduce the BlueDragon family and will demonstrate some of BlueDragon's powerful features.

Charlie will discuss the various platform deployment options available with BlueDragon and he will demonstrate the integration of CFML and Java on a J2EE platform as well as the integration of CFML and .NET on Microsoft's Windows/IIS/.NET platform.

In addition, Charlie will demonstrate some of the new and powerful language features of BlueDragon 7 including:

- CFTHREAD and its associated tags which allow the use multithreading in CFML applications
- CFC interfaces and abstract CFCs which provide enhanced object-oriented capabilities to CFML applications
- NULLs and the IsNull() function which open up a number of possibilities and preclude a number of workarounds in CFML applications
- The CACHEDUNTILCHANGE attribute of the CFQUERY tag which, when used with BlueDragon .NET and Microsoft SQL Server, allows a query to be cached until its source data changes

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